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The Mindy Project: Ranking Mindy's Love Interests

"People seem to be having these awesome sex lives and I'm just trying to find a life partner to go apple picking with."

Aren't we all, Mindy Kaling, aren't we all. Kaling's Fox sitcom The Mindy Project follows Dr. Mindy Lahiri, an ob-gyn, as she looks (and looks) for "the one" while in New York City. Rom-com clichés are mocked, but never cruelly, as Mindy hilariously and sometimes heartbreakingly navigates her love life.

To celebrate tonight's season one finale (the series was renewed for a second season), we ranked all of Mindy's love interests. From the cool Game of Thrones-loving pastor to the hooker with a dream, the gang's all here!

Occupation: Fellow gynecologist in Mindy's office
Length of Courtship: N/A
Best Moment: Oh, where to begin? Maybe when Danny grabbed Mindy's hand when their flight hit turbulence. Or their banter-filled exchange in his shower (fully clothed, obviously). And we can't forget about Danny coming over to help Mindy build a bunk bed. Their hilarious question and answer conversation when Danny became Mindy's gyno was made of awesome as well. But then they also ended up at a crappy pizzeria on Valentine's day night together. We can't decide, we give up.
Rating: N/A...yet.

Length of Courtship: Episode 19-current
Best Moment: His amazing sermon, which was DJ-ed by Moby, where he proclaims he hates God because his DVR didn't record Game of Thrones (to make a point, people!). Runner-up: Using the stripper pole to kick Tom at a college frat party.
Rating: 9/10-Good date banter, inspires Mindy to be a better person, handles her quirks well, uses angel emojis and is the coolest pastor to ever pastor. We totally want to get with Pastor Casey

Occupation: Prostitute/aspiring 9/11 songwriter
Courtship: Episode 20
Best Moment: Attempting to play his song about 9/11 at Danny's cocktail party.
Rating: 1/10-Come on, he's a prostitute.

Occupation: Soldier
Courtship: First kiss as Jewish summer camp and Episode 16
Best Moment: Sam stops getting his "ARMY" tattoo when Mindy shows up, leading to the hilarious yet on-the-nose "ARM" body ink. On his arm.
Rating: 8/10-Probably because you always want what you can't have, but there is a chance for Sam and Mindy to give their relationship an honest chance when he returns from Afghanistan in 18 months.

Occupation: Latin teacher
Length of Courtship: Episodes 13 and 14, which was Valentine's Day; he dumped her when he realized he was in love with his best friend Lucy.
Best Moment: At a double date with Lucy and Danny, Jamie attempts to give himself the Heimlich on a parking meter.
Rating: 5/10-While Jamie and Mindy gave (really) good date banter, it was obvious from the start that he was in love with his Sally. The Office's Ryan and Kelly they were not!

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