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Saban Entertainment are cheap bastards

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers. With Saban aquiring the rights back, people thought Saban will fix power rangers. Turns out the opposite has happened. The current series Power Rangers Megaforce will be split into two seasons (to catch up to the 25th anniversary) It will be adapting two Super Sentai series. Power Rangers Megaforce is based off Tensou Sentai Goseiger, while it's second season Power Rangers Super Megaforce is based off Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger where the rangers get "power ups". Gokaiger is unique that, previous rangers throughout the 35 previous Sentai series, previous actors and actresses have reprised their roles due to the Gokaiger having the ability to transform into previous Super Sentai Rangers. This is what is suppose to happen in Super Megaforce but Saban has been too cheap to let that occur.

Previous Power Ranger actors have gotten e-mails asking them to reprise their role and come to New Zealand ti film for two days. Then the next week Saban e-mailed them again telling them they do not have enough funds for them to come or in some cases never got an e-mail or a response.

Many previous actors confirmed they were excited to return only to be disappointed in the retractment offer like Rhett Fisher.

Some declined like David Yost ( Billy, Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger), Karan Ashley ( Aisha, Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger), and Steve Cardenas (Rocky, Red Mighty Morphin Ranger). each sharing their own opinion on why they declined.

“The was too low and there's not a lot of character development. Just going to be in the background as an extra. I would've love to do it but I could possibly take the amount of time away from my business for a little amount of money. I'm sorry but I believe that it's them that's letting the fans down because they want to get away with paying a little. I hope you understand.” - Steve Cardenas

For those actors not receiving any e-mail or messages about returning, they went to their twitter's and blogs to confirm they were not invited.

"First. I don't know what email Saban sent out. As far as I know - nobody in Disney era cast received a letter. Second. I totally get Karan. PR is one of the most top rated kids series in the world - the actors get paid peanuts to do it relative to any other show on television that doesn't play in every foreign market on earth. I actually make more at my current joe job per hour than they ever paid. They make tons of money off of licensing and merchandise, that doesn't trickle down to the actor.

To ask cast (except me apparently) to go down to NZ, essentially for free when you subtract food/airfare/hotel and the time away from responsibilities at home - is a LOSS. This is one of the major reasons why you started to have a rotating cast. So there aren't any contract negotiations. You have the cast. You milk them and then you cut them off. It's one of the reasons SPD/Mystic Force didn't have a team up. Wish it were different. I love the show and I love the fans. #Buttery

Last thing I'll say on this & you may Tumblr away at will. Saban probably doesn't even know who Bridge is, let alone who I am...and they will most likely never hire me as an actor or filmmaker. What has Saban done for you? You guys shat on Disney when they took over the franchise. Sure Disney might have messed up PR continuity, but they cared about the stories they were telling and the people involved. Say what you will, but this is the company we should be saluting for bring us more Star Wars." - Matt Austin ( Brudge, Green SPD Ranger)

But there are some actors who have accepted their offer to return like Jason David Frank (Tommy, Green/White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, Red Zeo/Turbo Ranger, Black Dino Thunder Ranger), Jason Faunt ( Wes, Red Time Force Ranger), and 7 others. Not enough information is out at the moment at if their appearance is just a cameo or a dedication episode like Forever Red.

Saban is a multi-million dollar company and Power rangers is one of the biggest money makers which makes the not enough budget reasons make little sense. The actors do all want to return if they actually received an invite or they were being paid (and by Union) enough to leave their lives for 2 weeks for small cameo.

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Saban is a mess. But who would you want to return?/What is your favorite season?

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