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TNA wrestler Austin Aries is set to be punished by SpikeTV after an incident last Thursday on Impact! LIVE when he proceeded to corner announcer Christy Hemme in a turnbuckle, climb said turnbuckle and place his package right in front of her face. Hemme accidentally flubbed Aries's introduction and that's when he decided to trap her in the turnbuckle. The incident was not scripted and Hemme was visibly upset and shaken afterwards.

David Schwarz, Spike TV's senior VP/communications, says Austin Aries will be disciplined for the incident involving Aries and Christy Hemme on last Thursday's Impact. Schwarz had the following to say about the situation…

"We have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. We discussed [the incident] with our partner. [Aries is] being disciplined. I'm trying to get more information on what action is being taken. Dixie Carter took this very personally. He will be disciplined. Again, we have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment. I'm not sure specifically how [the discipline] will be handled. To what extent, I don't know. This is certainly something we don't condone and don't tolerate. Such behavior is not welcome.

When Schwarz was asked if Aries' punishment would become public, he added the following…

"I think that a statement of some sort will be coming. That's being worked out. But immediate action will be taken."

Tags: scandal, sexism, sports / athletes - wrestling

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