Sorry, *NSync ... You're NOTHING without Timberlake!

Joey Fatone and Lance Bass’ lunch on April 30th was more than just a couple of old work friends getting together to reminisce about the past – it was to discuss the future, specifically an *NSYNC reunion tour.“Joey and Lance would love to do a farewell tour but know the problem is convincing Justin Timberlake. If Justin said yes JC would be in, in a second. Joey and Lance have been discussing how best to pitch the idea to Justin,” reveals a friend of Lance’s to Naughty But Nice Rob. “It is not about the money, although a reunion tour would make them all a fortune. It’s about performing together again. For the last time, Joey, Lance and JC could experience singing to a sold out arena crowd. They were too young to really enjoy it last time, they would love to experience that thrill one more time.”

Friends of Justin’s say it is not going to happen. Nothing Lance or Joey could say would make him want to tour with the band again, although, maybe a one night special show would not be out of the question.“Justin would be more open to doing a one night only gig, although even that is very unlikely as he is so busy going on tour with Jay-Z and making new music and films,” one record insider says. “Lance and Joey know it’s a long shot and have even thought about doing a reunion without Justin. However, after a few calls to promoters they found out interest in *NSYNC without Justin – is zero!”