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Doctor Who: 7x13 "The Name of the Doctor" Leaked

Doctor Who Fans: Leave the Internet NOW

Okay, the following is an instruction for those of you who don’t want to find themselves spoilered by what is an almighty cock-up in North American: Blu-ray editions of Doctor Who Series 7 Part Two have shipped already, and include The Name of the Doctor.

To repeat: The Name of the Doctor has been leaked to thousands of Doctor Who fans in the USA, via the BBC America shop.

It is only a matter of time before one such recipient decides to leak the episode online. When this happens, the World Wide Web will be awash with conversation about the finale.

As such, you should be making active preparations to disconnect from the Internet – and, we regret to say, Kasterborous – until next Saturday. While we won’t be spoilering the finale in any way, shape or form, we’re sure that Twitter, Facebook, and other websites will.

Don’t Download!

Okay, here’s out first update to this story. First of all, Edward Russell, who used to be BBC Brand Manager for Doctor Who:

A “production error” affecting distribution? Unusual setup they have there, eh?

But the most important thing is this: even if those recipients of the Blu-ray edition in North America have the knowledge to rip and upload the episode, you shouldn’t download it. You have no way of knowing what the file you’re downloading is before making checks. Although some download sites have comments features for downloaders to share their opinions of the file concerned, most don’t.

Given the number of threats Doctor Who fans have faced from scammers recently (from “adult pics” of Jenna-Louise Coleman to Rogue Cyberman – who apparently has managed to get hold of a copy, surprise, surprise) waiting six days isn’t going to kill you, is it?

I'll be updating the post, so keep checking in case there's something new.

EDIT (SPOILERS): Take this spoilers with a grain of salt though, they're coming from only one tumblr and I haven't read anything else about it yet.[Spoiler (click to open)]The Great Intelligence kidnaps the Doctors friends, including River Song. They go to the graveyard planet Trenzalore. They find the Doctor’s eventual grave, which is the TARDIS. The only way to get in is to speak the Doctor’s name, which River Song does. Inside, there is a sort of web of light, and at the center, a shining white light there is the corpse of the Doctor. It’s a web of all the Doctors timelines. The Great Intelligence enters and kills the Doctor in each of them. Clara goes in to save him in each timeline, and dies each time. Doctor goes in to save her.

EDIT 2 (PHOTOS): They're not spoilery, they're only photos from the DVD, which confirms that the episode actually leaked.[Spoiler (click to open)]BKFmXljCUAAbSP-

UPDATE 3: BBC is removing download links and torrents from the internet.

UPDATE 4: BBC confirmed it!

UPDATE 5: Here's a video of the BluRay to prove it's real. This person thinks she's the only one who received it early and said that if that's true, BBC's lucky because he/she won't leak the episode.

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