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Sexy Cattrall & Numrich SWEET BIRD Poster Unveiled

SEX & THE CITY star and thespian Kim Cattrall takes on the role of a lifetime - that of Alexandra Del Lago - in the new West End production of SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH by Tennessee Williams, co-starring breakout GOLDEN BOY star Seth Numrich.

The new poster for the revival production of the steamy Williams tale of an actress and a gigolo has just been revealed and it certainly shows off the two appealing stars quite well - and some of their best assets, too.

Cattrall discussed her participation in SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH in a recent interview, stating, "I was doing PRIVATE LIVES in the West End about two years ago and Kevin Spacey came to see it and he took me for lunch a few days later and said 'I have an idea...," he said, 'SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH'. And I said, 'Alright, if you can get Marianne Elliott to direct it, I'll do it,' and he did!"

Commenting further, Cattrall compares the steamy Williams drama about a desperate relationship between two unlikely lovers to another recent role, that of tragic queen Cleopatra in George Bernard Shaw's telling of the classic tale of ANTONY & CLEOPATRA.

"Every play is a journey. ANTONY & CLEOPATRA isn't a comedy in three acts either - at least this woman doesn't die with a snake at her breast," she says of Princess Kosmonopolis (aka Alexandra Del Lago).

Cattrall continues, "I think it's a beautiful journey for both of them, and somewhat of a love affair really, because I think these people in some ways, who are discovering all of this, are maybe meant to be together," she insightfully reveals.

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