Ninna Faye (fauxparadiso) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Ninna Faye

In "Bad Decisions That Were Really Bad" News...

Guns? Bad idea.

Guns in movie theaters? Even worse.

But that didn't stop a theater in Jefferson City, Missouri from pulling off the stupidest, most tasteless, idiotic, ridiculous, moronic PR stunt in the history!

To promote the premiere of the new Iron Man movie, the theater hired several people to dress in full tactical gear and storm the screening with fake weapons drawn.

And after the Aurora, Colo. movie theater massacre, who thought this wouldn't trigger PTSD in all of us? Not surprisingly, people are upset and even the police department is shaking their heads.

But Capital 8 Theaters manager Bob Wilkins remains defiant, telling the ABC affiliate that he did not regret pulling the stunt, which he said was planned months in advance.

"My job is to entertain people," Wilkins said, claiming only "a few" patrons were upset.

Dude. Get the entire f*ck out of here. Your job is not to scare people half to death with half-baked ideas and fake guns.


Pretty sure neither RDJ or Marvel would be happy to hear about this.
Tags: comic books, film - action / adventure, robert downey jr., scandal

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