Eli Roth loves ONTD,.

Eli Roth - AMA on Reddit.

Eli Roth does an AMA on Reddit, remembers ONTD's shameful night.

Does the Livejournal community Ohnotheydidnt (ONTD) and blueberries mean anything to you? Is it true that you sent some ONTD members naked pictures?

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Of course. That was a fun night. I fucked the internet. It started as a joke. Then girls started sending me pics. So I went to myspace and made them set up accounts proving they were 18 before I'd even look. But I never asked for them, they just started it. It was weird and fun. Look, I made money in college doing on line cyber sex. This was 1991 when doctors and scientists were on line. I knew how to type dirty things fast. I was surprised and how shocked and upset people were. It's just words on a screen between adults.