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REVENGE post... clips and spoilers from Sunday's two hour finale, "Truth" !!!

Revenge Season 2 Finale Spoiler: Grayson Global Gets Blown Up!

For those diehard Revengers who were planning a trip to Manhattan to visit Grayson Global (which is totally imaginary by the way), you might want to do it sooner rather than later. Thanks to new sneak peeks and spoiler photos we know that the empire will be destroyed in a massive explosion in the Season 2 finale of Revenge.

Here’s what goes down:

1) Jack Porter is somehow tipped off that Fauxmanda’s missing laptop is inside Grayson Global (despite the fact that Emily threw it in the ocean many moons ago). In the sneak peek, he heads over to the company while Conrad Grayson is giving his campaign speech down the street.

2) Unfortunately [lol no], it’s a complete trap and Conrad hired an assassin to rig the building with explosives, set to go off at 4 p.m. (in the middle of his speech).

3) Right before they go off, a mass text is sent out to everyone in Manhattan (who knew that was possible?) saying “LONG LIVE DAVID CLARKE!” Clearly this explosion is meant to look like an act of terrorism, despite the fact that Conrad planned the whole thing.

4) Emily is rushing to the scene to save Jack, but she won’t make it before the bomb goes off. In the second finale promo we see her hit the ground right outside of Grayson Global. [die, peasant, die!]

5) Jack’s fate is still unknown, but things aren’t looking good for this Revenger!

Can you handle this twist?

Revenge’s Gabriel Mann Says One Character Turns Into an “Antichrist” in the Season 2 Finale!

As if Revenge Season 2 finale deaths and explosions weren’t enough, a recent interview with actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) has us even more anxious for the upcoming conclusion to a rather lackluster season of the hit shoreside drama.

“What happens in this final episode takes one of our characters, and I don’t think I’m understating when I say it, puts them on the level on an Antichrist sort of a Damien in The Omen kind of a situation,” he tells On The Red Carpet. “Yeah, it’s big. It’s really big. When you see how this goes down, you’ll understand what I’m saying. It bumps it up about 100 more notches.”

Whaaa?! And perhaps even more shocking is Gabe’s response when the interviewer asks him if this character ends up being “more evil than Victoria Grayson.”

“Oh by far,” he says without hesitation. “I’m not saying it’s not Victoria at this point either, but yeah it definitely bumps the levels of evil up into a whole new stratosphere.”

We seriously didn’t think that one was possible. Who could this “Antichrist” character be? Aiden Mathis certainly has gotten a bit crazier than usual, sticking swords in former mentors and getting all rebellious on Emily Thorne.

But the one man who could have the ability to really lose it is Jack Porter. Think about it, homeboy has lost his labrador, baby mama, and (if our predictions are correct) his brother all in the last year. Chances are, it’s about to get real with this floppy-haired barkeep.

Who do you think will turn into the Antichrist?

Here's the promo if you haven't seen it yet:

Sneak Peek Source
Spoiler Source
Gabe Source
Preview Source

Her Majesty thanks you for your time, reminds you to watch the two hour Revenge season two finale movie event this Sunday on ABC!
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