the thousand names of god (judgmental) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
the thousand names of god

LMAO Nicki Minaj's Fashion Line Is Coming to KMART

When she's not hitting the afterparty at the Met Gala or making the American Idol stage her own personal red carpet, Nicki Minaj enjoys stretching her creative wings and this time, she's making big strides by branching into the mass fashion market.

Inspired and created by Nicki herself, the Trinidadian-born rapper and style icon is putting everything she has into the aesthetic design of her clothing line for Kmart.

Throughout the creative process, Barbz has been great about keeping her fans posted on what she's working on via Twitter.

This week alone, she's already leaked many photos of pieces from the collection, including a photo of a bandage style bodycon dress she's calling "Freak'um" and a hot pink bejeweled cap.

From what we've already seen and what we know about Nicki, expect her typical go-to's, i.e. silk jumpsuits, bra tops, leopard prints, bold patterns, neon pops of color, and the infamous boob windows.

Tags: celebrity endorsements, fashion, nicki minaj

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