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Kerry From The Block On Jimmy Kimmel

- Kerry and Jimmy talk about seeing each other in PJs.
- She explains Tyler's role in the film production and calls him a fairy godfather.... he paid for everything and made it happen.
-Jimmy says Craig Robinson is not a realistic boyfriend for Kerry. Kerry says he like a teddy bear. Jimmy says no one has sex with a teddy bear. Kerry thinks her character in the film does.
- Jokes about David Alan Grier looking old, not looking old.
- That show she is on and their fans.
- She realized the show was a hit when people started attacking her in public. DVF and Magic Johnson call themselves "Gladiators".
- Scandal cast wanted to go to a baseball game and couldn't gets seats together. Magic hooked them up.
- Clip of Kerry calling out the players at the game.
- Friends ask her to solve their personal crisis.
- Mom Scandals: skit with her and her "friends" at a baby shower.  (I need gif of her shouting "bitches!" and the lady shouting "I'm wearing ** right now - lol )

Tags: jimmy kimmel, kerry washington, scandal (abc)

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