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People Don't Recognize Beyoncé In Ads Unless She's Blonde

H&M TV Ads Feature Singer as a Blonde And Brunette; Study Shows One Performed Much Better

Blondes may or may not have more fun, but at least in the case of Beyonce, blonde makes for a more popular ad.

Last week H&M rolled out two ads [below] featuring the pop star. In one, her hair is blond and she's wearing a swimsuit, in the other it's brunette and she's wearing a revealing dress. Both ads feature the same song and similar dance routines.

The ad featuring Beyonce as a blonde scored significantly better with consumers, and 16% of consumers mentioned the singer by name, according to research from AceMetrix. In contrast, in the ad featuring Beyonce as a brunette, attention scores were lower and only 7% of consumers referenced the singer by name. Of course, it could be that the Beyonce in a bikini outperforms Beyonce in a wet, clinging dress.

The 37 year old pop star also appeared as a blonde in an ad for Pepsi recently. But whereas the H&M ads appealed to both women and men, the Pepsi ad generally scored better with women, according to AceMetrix, leaving men unimpressed.


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