Ninna Faye (fauxparadiso) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Ninna Faye

Febreezy Could Be Fined For Doing Graffiti On His Own Place

Just as we suspected, Chris Brown is the artist behind the weird graffiti murals in front of his Hollywood Hills home ... the same renegade artwork that just got him in trouble with the City of L.A..

As we reported, Chris was cited last week for having "unpermitted and excessive signage" outside his home ... after his neighbors complained to their councilman.

We couldn't confirm initially whether Chris was the artist behind the paintings ... until now. The photos were snapped on April 26th, and the graffiti is still there. Which is a problem. Because if Chris doesn't remove the paintings soon, he'll be fined.

In addition to a possible fine, Chris has already been charged $376.32 by the City just to pay for the inspector that was sent to his house. That bill will increase to $1,176 if Chris doesn't pay within 30 days.

Tick, tock ...


lol I hate him and it's ugly as fuq but if he owns the place this is just some HOA bullshit.
Tags: chris brown, legal / lawsuit
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