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This Week in Fuck Moffat: John Hurt Confirms Our Worst Fears About His Doctor Who Character


Veteran actor John Hurt has revealed some intriguing details about his role in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

Speaking to the Eastern Daily Press, the 73-year-old revealed that he plays “part of the Doctor” in a “kind of trinity” which includes David Tennant.

Hurt had previously remained tight-lipped about his role in the episode, set to be aired in November – although he looked to be dressed in historical attire [ed: I guess 2005 is ancient history now -- do your research, man] when snapped on set at Chepstow Castle in Wales last month.

“I’m sworn to secrecy about my character and my scenes,” the Alien star barely revealed to the Telegraph at the time.

Last week, Doctor Who Magazine claimed that Tennant will be the only returning Doctor in the episode.

And it was confirmed in the first week of April that Ninth Doctor thesp Christopher Eccleston declined to take part in the project.

"Chris met with Steven Moffat a couple of times to talk about Steven's plans for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode,” a BBC spokesperson told Mirror Online at the time.

“After careful thought, Chris decided not to be in the episode. He wishes the team all the best."

It had been speculated that the seven surviving actors would appear in cameo roles with computer generated images and old footage used to ensure a presence for William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee, who have all died.

Producer Steven Moffat previously admitted that the idea of brining all the Doctors back together did appeal.

He said: “Getting the other Doctors involved would be very fitting for the anniversary episode, wouldn’t it?”

And current Doctor Matt Smith also said that he would love to work with his predecessors.

“How amazing would it be to see Tom Baker? Can you imagine seeing him back in the scarf? That would be so cool,” he said.

“Paul McGann is a great Doctor – I say bring back Chris and Dave too.”

However, Sylvester McCoy categorically denied last month that he would be playing any part in the episode – even though he did not rule out being involved.

The seventh Time Lord incarnation added that three other Doctors had not been approached by the BBC either.

"[I've heard] nothing. Niet. Zilch," the 69-year-old was reported to have said.

"The other day I was with Tom Baker, Peter [Davison], and Colin [Baker] - the 20th century Who-ers - and Tom asked, 'Well, little man, have you heard anything?' and I told him, 'No, I haven't heard anything'.

"So none of us have heard anything."

The special episode will be shot in 3D as well as HD and shown in cinemas around the world at the same time as it is screened on BBC1.


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