Kim Kardashian Gets Kropped Out of Vogue‘s Met Gala Slideshow

Even when it’s cropped out of a picture, Kim Kardashian’s meme-mongering floral Givenchy Met Gala dress is causing controversy.

The latest commotion centers around‘s slideshow of the event’s 77 best dressed guests which–lo!–did not include Kardashian. It did, however, spotlight Kardashian’s date and baby daddy Kanye West (also wearing Givenchy) for his exemplary sartorial prowess. Which, you know, is totally at its discretion to do.

Except Jezebel noticed yesterday that Kardashian’s absence from the slideshow was more intentional than it maybe needed to be. Yep–Kimmy got kropped. West’s photo (number 66 of 77) is notably slimmer than the rest. Furthermore, his right hand appears to be clutching a floral glove… extending from a couch? (Kidding! We’re totally kidding.) All other couples, including but not limited to Lindsey Vonn and her charming boyfriend Tiger Woods, remain intact in their slides.

Looks like bets are off on Kardashian getting a naked pregnancy spread in Vogue after all…