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The Young 'Great Gatsby': Meet Leonardo DiCaprio's Teen Counterpart

Jay Gatsby wasn't always Jay Gatsby. Long before Daisy Buchanan, the palatial
mansion and the twinkling green light, the enigmatic millionaire at the heart of
F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic was simply a poor boy named James Gatz. And while
actor Leonardo DiCaprio plays the grown-up Gatsby chasing after the American
dream, it's an up-and-coming Australian who portrays his younger self in

video is having issues with embed, you can watch it here

Meet 18-year-old Callan McAuliffe, who's on the brink of something big. Case in
point: Just today, news broke (via The Hollywood Reporter) that McAuliffe had
landed the lead role in "Our Robot Overlords," a sci-fi thriller co-starring Ben
Kingsley and Gillian Anderson. And while audiences may recognize him from the
2011 big-screen adaptation of Pittacus Lore's "I Am Number Four," "The Great
Gatsby" is his most high-profile project to date. So what ran through the teen's
mind when he learned he'd play DiCaprio's counterpart?

"Obviously I'm very nervous because it's pretty big shoes to fill, but I was
more than ecstatic inside," McAuliffe told MTV News while at "The Great Gatsby"
premiere in New York.

In person, the actor doesn't much resemble DiCaprio, necessitating a makeover.

"They gave me blue contacts. They gave me long, blond straight hair. That was a
pain in the ass for the next couple of months because I wasn't allowed to cut it
in case we did pick-ups, so I was walking around with a blond mop on my head,"
McAuliffe recalled. "But nonetheless, I'm sure there was a little bit of CGI in
there somewhere; there has to be. I mean, come on. I looking nothing like the
guy, but even still, I'm very grateful that [director] Baz [Luhrmann] went out
on a limb and cast me as this character because I certainly wouldn't have."

For his part, Luhrmann admitted he did consider using effects to create a young
version of Gatsby, but ultimately opted against it.

"There was a moment where I went like, 'Is this a good idea?' Is everyone going
to go, 'That's not Leonardo!'? Should we do a CG trick? And I thought, no,"
Luhrmann explained.

And it all worked out for the best, as Luhrmann had only praise to offer his

"He's a young man who's really got a future," Luhrmann said. "He had to put up
with a lot of difficulties because the weather played havoc with our life.
'We're going to shoot. No we're not. Yes we are.' And what I was very impressed
with was that he waited, and he wasn't grumpy about it, and then when it was his
moment he really gave his all, so that was terrific. He does a great job."

McAuliffe can next be seen in "Beneath the Harvest Sky" and "Kite."

"The Great Gatsby" opens Friday.


bb Gatsby is qt. can't wait to see it tomorrow night.

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