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Kind of old, but I'm sure it hasn't been posted yet.

Hey Everyone...News from Rancid
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Hello everyone and welcome to the Rancid MySpace page. First off to bring everyone up to speed we want to thank all the people and all the bands who supported us during our month long residency at Club Echo in Echo Park, CA. For those of you who couldnt make it down you can catch a glimpse of us performing Journey To The End Of The East Bay and Knowledge on the video section of the Epitaph website. HELLCAT NIGHT at Club Echo will be happening every Tuesday in the forthcoming months so make sure you get down there to catch some amazing punk bands. July 2006 is gonna be the start of a worldwide Rancid tour to coincide with the release of a Rancid DVD that includes 31 Rancid Music Videos covering our years 1993-2003. We will keep you updated on the tour dates when they are made available. Also you can check out rancidrancid.com for other info. The music video DVD will have videos never before seen and its exciting for us to release them after all this time. XM satellite radio broadcasts Rancid Radio on Fungus 53 five times a week with your host Lars Frederiksen. Lots of guests banter and most importantly punk rock featuring the segmans Jeffs pix with the records that all of you send too:

Rancid Radio
1214 Franklin #100-141
Oakland, CA 94612-3409

And last but not least to answer a question frequently asked; Rancid will have a new record release in the springtime of 2007.

See ya in the pit!


I saw them last night, they played a hell of a set and even their stuff off Indestructable sounded great. Hopefully now that Tim's divorce is finalized, Matt no longer has cancer, they've settled in at Time Warner, and The Transplants broke up they can get back to making good music.
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