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✌Cici Princess Post✌

Ciara appeared on ’the Wendy Williams show ’ this morning to discuss her new album, and Rihanna

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New Haircut



I have a couple of questions, mostly around the music video of “Body Party.” Four point five million views in one week. How do you feel about that?

It’s definitely pretty cool to be loved by fans and to see that they love what you do. That feels great.

Did you come up with the concept for the “Body Party” video?

I had in my mind the idea and the feeling for what I wanted to accomplish with Director X. We spent literally hours talking about it and fine tuning the concept. We both wanted to make sure that everything we needed was there.

It’s a beautiful video and of course the song is very nice. It reminds me of MJ and the 1990s. Is that what you were going for?

Well, I won’t say I was trying to go for anything that I’ve seen—but I wanted to feel that funk. It makes me feel good that you think that. I do [believe] that with that song there is an expression of where I am. I wanted to go back to when guys weren’t too cool to slow dance and everyone had the best time. A great house party—not the largest house party but just fun.

You filmed it in Atlanta—which of course, you love.

I did. I haven’t shot a video in Atlanta in a long time. It felt good to [return] home. I could have shot the video anywhere but I wanted to be in Atlanta. I couldn’t have shot it anywhere else but Atlanta.

What was your inspiration for the song?

I was inspired by the music when I heard it. It just came out. The vibe was already right from the music alone. But there wasn’t any particular one thing. My ultimate goal was to create a “feel good” vibe.

You did a great job!

Thank you!

What’s it like working with David Guetta?

Actually … I’ve never worked with David Guetta.

Ruh-oh. My mistake. Moving on …


A couple questions from fans on Twitter. LilDueSwag asks, “Do you know about a second single yet?”

I do.

Oooh. Can you give us any details? Can you spill any tea?

Hmmm. Let’s just say … let’s just say … it is a harder sound. But I want to make sure that I give my fans the right key words. Let’s just say … it’s about taking the energy to the tenth power. It’s going to be turned up—super turned up! That won’t be the name of the song but the energy will be.

Have you shot a video yet?

Not yet. But I am getting ready to.

Another thing that fans are asking: Do you know anything about a tour and dates? Please say yes.

I do have an idea … and they will be posted very soon. It will be on my website

Do you think you will have that information fairly soon?

Not too far from now—

Because I just tweeted that you will have a second single and people are already very excited.


Another question: When will you perform “Body Party” on tv and will you perform on any award shows?

Stay tuned … [ED: Ciara is scheduled to appear on Wendy Williams tomorow Wednesday May 8]

Can we get anything besides a “stay tuned” … I have to ask …

(LAUGHS) You’re tough! Hmmm … stay tuned. They will be the first to know. (LAUGHS) The fans will be the first to know.

Waddie G of G List asks: “If you could perform as a ‘super group’ with any two artists, who would be the other two?”

Good question. I would do a performance with Pink and … hmmmm. Pink and I would be a duet, a tag team due!. (LAUGHS)

Who or what are you inspirations in music?

I am inspired by many things but mainly artists [such as] Sade, obviously Michael [Jackson], Prince … I love Bono and Coldplay. I can tell you what artists like right now—but I don’t want to be misconstrued and say that I take inspiration from artists that are out right now. I try to create something new.

But I am really loving Lana Del Rey, I am loving Kendrick Lamar. Drake is an amazing writer and I love his music. And of course, Coldplay has been around for many years but I love their music. I’m into Paramour, too. I enjoy listening to many types of music, but Sade and Michael Jackson are my biggest inspirations in music.

It’s cool that you are saying Sade because so many of your fans were probably not around when she was big.

I know, that’s crazy. For someone not to know Sade—wow. But that is the reality of the new generation. She is one of the biggest queens of all time, in terms of music. But it’s amazing that the new generation would not know her.

By the way, as you guessed, I meant to say, “What music or who are you listening to right now?” But I know you probably wanted to check me hard on that.

(LAUGHS) Just in case!

Don’t get it twisted, right?

(LAUGHS) Exaaaaactly!

Moving along: The children want to know will you be doing more modeling? Anything else with Givenchy?

Ahh yes. Givenchy is family. We have done so many cool things together. But in a sense that aspect of my career has never stopped because there is an element of that in photo shoots. It’s very organic when it happens—it isn’t [planned]. The modeling and music kinda merge.

Well, you look fantastic. I love that editorial you did for L’Officiel.

Ohhh! That was a long time ago.

About two or three years ago. Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupol—

Yessss! Steve and Dennis. Thank you so much. It was really fun!

Dialing back to Givenchy: The boys want to know about Manuel Ramos … the guy you modeled with for VOGUE Paris.

The French VOGUE feature. It was crazy! When I was with that dog, right?

Yes ma’am.

Ohmygod. That was crazy. Normally I am fearless but with that dog I was so fearful of the dog.

Were you scared?

Yes I was! It eventually turned out [great] but I was having a difficult time with the dog.

Well, you looked fabulous. And of course he was hot.


And the track listing for your new album ...

It’s on iTunes right now. You can pre-order.

Do you think you will do a dance heavy remix for any of the tracks?

Absolutely! For sure!

That’s it. Thank you so much for talking with me.

Thank you, Rod!

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