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As I Lay Dying Fans Shocked, Saddened By Tim Lambesis' Arrest

Lambesis was arrested on Tuesday after allegedly soliciting an undercover detective to murder his estranged wife.
One day after As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was arrested after allegedly soliciting an undercover detective to kill his estranged wife, his bandmates have yet to release a statement ... but fans of AILD have begun expressing their shock and disbelief over the incident.

"I hope it's a mistake ... but there is still a trial ahead, if it gets that far," one fan wrote on Lambesis' Facebook page. "Let's not all draw conclusions until there is more to go on. It used to be, people were tried prematurely in the press — now it's all open and closed on Facebook within a couple hours."

"I hope to hell it is some sort of mistake," another fan added. "Everyone needs to spare a thought for Tim's wife (estranged or not) and especially their kids. What happens to them now, if this is true? What happens to the other members of AILD? It's hard to believe he would risk losing all of that. Let's hope we all wake up tomorrow to better news." (denial isn't just a river in egypt)

On Lambesis' Instagram account — which shows a picture of the singer in Shanghai, with a message "I'll be home in about 15 hours" — fans have begun leaving messages of support: "I believe in you Tim," one message reads. "Innocent until proven guilty ... hope this isn't true Timmy!" another fan wrote.

MTV News' emails to As I Lay Dying's label, Metal Blade, have not been responded to by press time.

Lambesis was arrested without incident on Tuesday in Oceanside, California, according to the San Diego Sheriff's Department. He was charged with two counts ⏼ Solicitation of Another to Commit Murder and Conspiracy to Commit a Crime — and was booked in the Vista Detention Facility, where he is currently being held without bail. Lambesis will appear in court on Thursday (May 9) to be arraigned.


if everyone could, join hands together.

so we can pray for this generation because ooo shit this is a complete devastation to the nation
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