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Selena Gomez describes relationship with Justin Bieber as "uncomfortable, crazy and intense"

Referring to the relationship as "crazy and intense," Selena says it was often "uncomfortable" because everyone knew their business. However...

"Justin and I never really focused on the attention. You can't help who you date. So I wouldn't swear off that or say that's what I want again."

It's unclear when this interview was given, of course, meaning Gomez may have spoken to the publication prior to her trip to Norway and rumored reconciliation with Bieber.

The star also touched on "Love Will Remember," a single on her new album that's all about Bieber:

"That's the most personal track on the record, for sure. I think it's a sweet way of releasing it. It's not an aggressive approach to what people are probably expecting," she says, adding of Justin: "I'm sure he'll love it too."

Earlier this week, Gomez released the official video for "Come & Get It." Check it out now and then pick up this issue of InStyle for a lot more from Selena!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip
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