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#CandidlyNicole: Episode 2

In the second episode of Nicole Richie's web series, she visits celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh.  Nicole is convinced that filling her home with flowers will solidify her adulthood and requests the assistance of Eric to educate her on the art of flower arranging.  It's not as funny as the first episode. Episode 3 looks promising.

Nicole confesses that Joel judges her friends based on their hats in the next episode:

AOL Touts 1 Mil Views for Nicole Richie’s Tramp-Stamp Episode of ‘#CandidlyNicole

AOL, trying to show that big showbiz names will equal big results, said it has served more than 1 million views of premiere episode of Internet original series Nicole Richie’s “#CandidlyNicole” in less than a week.

In the clip, just under five minutes, Richie, who is now 31, visits a doctor specializing in laser tattoo removal to erase a “tramp stamp” on her lower back, which she got when she was 16 “and an idiot.” (Spoiler alert: Richie decides to not undergo the procedure, which she’s informed would take more than a year.)

By comparison, a broadcast TV show with 1 million viewers would be considered a flop, while on cable it might be a moderate success. In the Internet world, hitting that number in less than a week counts as a viral hit.

AOL has not landed a sponsor for the show, but clips on the “#CandidlyNicole” channel currently are running ads for Chevrolet’s Malibu autos. The show is based on Richie’s Twitter musings about her life, with premiere episode based on post from last November: “Woke up feeling really good about myself, until I remembered I have a tramp stamp.”

Richie, the adopted daughter of pop singer Lionel Richie, has about 4 million Twitter followers. Her April 30 tweet about the series debut allowed Twitter users to watch the clip directly in their feed.

Richie was among celebs appearing at AOL's Digital Content NewFronts event last week, which included Sarah Jessica Parker, Hank Azaria and Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. AOL and other Internet video providers including Hulu, Sony’s Crackle and Yahoo, are looking to bring in more viewers and ad dollars for original content featuring stars.

#CandidlyNicole” is produced by Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Telepictures Prods. and World of Wonder.

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