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Collaborations on Kanye West’s New Album Revealed?

It's taking shape, folks. After a single tweet sufficed to spark an avalanche of speculations, things are getting a bit clearer surrounding Kanye West's "dark" new album. We know that he is currently in Paris crafting the followup to his 2010 masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. As Rolling Stone points out, the tracklist for the album is still being finalized but the list of conributing guests is surfacing. It seems like we can look forward to Kanye collaborating with the likes of Daft Punk, Skrillex, Chief Keef and Odd Future, Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter revealed.

"It was very raw," says Bangalter of a recent session with West. "He was rapping – kind of screaming primally."

Moreover, Skrillex, 2 Chainz, and John Legend, Chicago's King L, and producer Young Chop are set to be featured as well. Will he invite some of them to his SNL gig on May 18? Unlikely. Any other guests on the LP? By June 18 we should know for sure.


r u bowing ontd
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