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This is swell: Kim Kardashian posts pic of puffy pregnancy feet

Kim Kardashian has been drawing attention for months for the manner in which she's dressing as her pregnancy progresses. This weekend she posted a new photo illustrating the perils of putting her poor, puffy feet into strappy designer sandals.

"Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?" Kardashian wrote underneath an image on her Celebuzz website. The photo shows her from the shins down, with one black sandal on and one off. The foot on the right bears the marks from where her sandal straps criss-crossed her swollen foot.

Kardashian is in the home stretch of a pregnancy which could deliver Kanye West's baby sometime in June. On Saturday she was photographed wearing the sandals while joining her sisters Kourtney and Khloe at an in-store appearance for Sears' Kardashian Kollection at Willowbrook Mall in Houston.

Most people who have been through pregnancy can certainly sympathize with what Kardashian is going through -- so far as the swelling is concerned. Some offered words of encouragement to the reality TV star in the comments beneath the photo. Others admonished Kardashian for not dressing more comfortably during her pregnancy.
Image: Kardashian sisters
Getty Images
Kim Kardashian, center, in Houston with sisters Kourtney, left, and Khloe on Saturday, May 4.

"i know that feeling! Get them elevated, massaged and rest. All good, you just need some more momma-to-be pampering. xo," wrote amazonia.

"you are pregnant ... so are your feet ... please be nice to them. Pooling blood, blood clots, reduced circulation ... please please please take care of yourself. Vanity is fun but it’s not worth risking your health ..." wrote gracespace84.

"That’s what happens when you continue to wear clothes/shoes that are not meant for your pregnant body!" wrote hotwasabi21. "You look sooo uncomfortable in all that tight crap; give it a rest and enjoy some loose clothing for once!"

In the end we'll never all agree on whether or not Kardashian's maternity style has been appropriate for all occasions. The effort necessary to get to that consensus isn't worth it -- we've got to start thinking about what that baby is going to be wearing.

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