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Go Inside 'The Newsroom' Season Two

HBO's The Newsroom resumes its broadcast on July 14 and now, creator Aaron Sorkin, takes you inside the second season!

"The second season of The Newsroom has a different structure than the first season did," Sorkin says in a newly released featurette. "There's one story that goes through the whole season [as] our characters are being prepared for a deposition in a wrongful termination suit."

As for the central quadrangle that represents the heart of The Newsroom (Maggie, Jim, Sloane, Don), it's revealed that in an effort to avoid newsroom awkwardness, Jim accepts a field position. But that won't make things any better for Maggie, as Sorkin says, "Maggie, episode by episode, is going to lose everything."

Check out the promo above, which features more plotline reveals and the first look at Marcia Gay Harden as Rebecca Halliday, a litigator who defends Atlantis Cable News in the aforementioned wrongful termination suit.

The Newsroom premieres July 14 on HBO.

ET Online
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