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The Crow Remake...Eric Draven is a ghost Bible Quoting Cop

Hot on the heels of the the news that Relativity and the Weinstein Company have cast Luke Evans (No One Lives, the upcoming Dracula prequel) to play Eric Draven in their reboot of The Crow, a script review has hit the net. And it’s not pretty.

Latino Review got their hands on the latest draft, and they’ve posted a thoughtful video review of it. And – despite pretty much hating it – they play fair, only reviewing the basis/conceit without going into any actual plot spoilers. It also seems like Da7e, who authored the piece, has a genuine affection for the material and posted his review as a warning shot saying, “there’s time to fix this. Please do.”

For one, they apparently throw in the kitchen sink with healing and ghost powers. Plus, Eric Draven is now a bible quoting police officer (not a rock musician) who has to paint his face because he’s invisible? The basic gist of the review is that the current draft is beyond saving and a page 1 rewrite is needed. Granted, I haven’t read it, but this assessment is fairly convincing.

This is me right now

At this point just rename the character!
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