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Brandon Boyd post with a hint of Miley Cyrus

Most known as a member of the band Incubus, he’s also the author of two books, an accomplished painter and solo artist who’s working on his second album.

I am the Singer/Lyricist for the band Incubus. We formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1991.

With the band in 2003, we started the non-profit The Make Yourself Foundation which to date has raised over 1.5 million dollars for environmental, humanitarian, scientific and consciousness related causes around the globe. We do so through all manner of Incubus tour related activities.

I have released two books of artworks and writings. The first entitled 'White Fluffy Clouds' came out in 2003. The second, 'From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss' came out in 2007. I am currently working on my third (As Yet Untitled) and it will be available by late Spring/early Summer of 2013.

My first solo album, 'The Wild Trapeze' was released in July of 2010. My second solo project, produced by Brendan O'Brien, is due out in conjunction with the new book and is slated for a late Spring early Summer 2013 release. Some say it is so awesome that Unicorn tusks have been known to ejaculate cotton candy if within 100 feet of it being played. "Who are they that say such things?" you may be asking yourself. Well, considering that only Brendan O'Brien and I have heard it, one could ascertain that it was one of the two of us. Let us not concern ourselves with such queries at the moment, but instead go back to the wondrous image of a Unicorn in ecstatic jubilation! Hooves batting at shimmering moonlit landscapes to the soundtrack of my new album. Yes...

I am, in essence, an artist in Process. My daily pursuits and activities, whether traveling or at home, surfing, riding my bike, skating, painting, drawing, taking pictures, being in Love, being in Love with being in Love, or making music are all merely expressions of consciousness expressing itself. I believe that each and every one of us and each and every thing that exists are a vast and colorful expression of One thing. If we can call It a "Thing". Or an "It". But I digress; I Love expressing myself and I feel only the deepest gratitude for the opportunity to do so! Thank You.

Brandon Boyd, Miley Cyrus

Brandon Boyd, Brian Bowen Smith, Miley Cyrus

Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Cindy Crawford, Miley Cyrus

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