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Luna Lovegood is Going to Theatre

Evanna Lynch set to star in British stage tour production of "Houdini" this fall

Evanna Lynch will head to the British stage this fall, starring as the wife of famous magician Harry Houdini in the upcoming production of Houdini. Joining the Harry Potter actress will be Stuart Brennan, who wrote the stage play as well, as Houdini's brother Theo. The titular character has yet to be cast; tickets will be on sale for the various productions around the U.K. this Monday, May 6.

Evanna Lynch__Photo shoot__2011__Official Headshot

The opening night will take place September 9 at the Stoke on Trent Repertory Theatre, and will tour across the U.K. through October. A synopsis of the story can be read below.

To be the greatest, you have to be willing to sacrifice everything. The highly successful Brothers Houdini soon find this out, as their death-defying feats start to draw in ever bigger crowds and ultimately attract the attention of the major theatre promoters.

Join us for what promises to be an explosive theatrical spectacle, when the prestigious promoter Martin Beck offers only Harry an opportunity that will change his life forever.

This intricate look inside the lives of two of the greatest performers the world has ever seen, explores the impact of family, love and jealousy. Watch as two masters of the stage perform, entrance, delight and surprise, performing a number of famous illusions in this gripping life story that is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Discover the legend. Believe in the magic.

From the best Harry Potter SOURCE: SnitchSeeker.com
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