Critics Tear Rihanna's 777 Documentary to Shreds


As anyone who’s been to a Rihanna show (that wasn’t cancelled) will agree, performing isn’t where her “wow” factor lies. Indeed, even her staunchest supporters will be the first to confirm that it’s her catalogue of hits that make her, for better or worse.
Therefore, it’s little surprise that her new ’777′ tour documentary has been unceremoniously slammed by critics.

Set to air on Fox on May 6th, the fly on the wall special chronicles the 25-year-old’s 7 shows, in 7 cities, over 7 nights promo push for her hit album ‘Unapologetic’. The ‘Diamonds’ led set, which is her 7th LP, became her first chart-topping project in the US upon release last November.
And while the album’s success may relay a triumphant narrative, its accompanying docu-movie reportedly boasts little in replay value. Not a good look when the full 77 minute version of the hour-long special will be released on DVD a day later (May 7th).

It would appear the trailer’s editors did a stellar job with the teaser, as these are just a few of what media outlets had to say about the show:

Entertainment Weekly (Rating: D+)
Last November, Rihanna invited dozens of journalists on her 777 Tour, consisting of seven concerts in seven countries in seven days, via a 777 aircraft. Headlines during the extravaganza deemed the trip a ‘fiasco,’ with press complaining that Rihanna was unavailable and they were tired (boo-hoo!). Not shockingly, this one hour special about the whole shebang is even less interesting than those grumpy on-the-scenes reports. Bless that extremely cute, streaking Australian near the end, or there’s be no reason to turn in.

Digital Spy (Rating: 2 Stars)
In the absence of any drama, newsworthy moments or interview time with the singer (“give us a quote” they all chant), the only highlights were an Australian DJ streaking on the plane and a performance from Rihanna in each country; though even these eventually grow tiresome.
“I can’t please everyone… as long as my fans are happy that’s all I f**king care about,” Rihanna concedes at stop number five in Berlin, looking fed up, exhausted and desperate to free herself of her unwanted guests so she can get on with her day job”

In fact there’s not a lot of “the real” Rihanna in the documentary at all. Apart from a short intro at the start of the journey and a thank you once it’s finished, it doesn’t seem like her passengers got to spend much time up close and personal with the Diamonds singer… certainly not half as much RiRi time as they would have hoped.

Given how “majah” her movement is at the moment, one would expect she’d be able to generate positive press with the cut of the right cheque. However, it’s clear that the media won’t be manipulated this go round. No putting a pretty bow on her usual BS this go round.
Perhaps it’s time to stop ‘pouring it up’ in the club, tailoring her life to the tabloids, and outrightly refusing to realize her potential. Because it appears her era of “automated” success is nearing its end.

I'm still going to watch it, lol.