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Louis Vuitton Doesn’t Want to Adopt Intern LC

Well, it's about half way through the summer and The Hills is sailing through its first season with Laguna Beach's Lauren Conrad. And while her Teen Vogue internship is going fabulously — and by "fabulously" we mean "her boss hasn't rung her neck yet." But if there is a season two of The Hills, the show is going to have to find a new home for LC.

Which seems to be a not so simple task. Mostly because it's hard to take somebody seriously who applies for internships through their agent and casting directors.

Teen Vogue editors and producers for the MTV reality series, The Hills, are said to have approached Louis Vuitton—which recently began advertising with the magazine this year—with the idea of having Conrad end the season having scored an internship at the French fashion house’s headquarters in Paris. According to sources, Louis Vuitton wasn’t so keen on the idea and politely declined. An MTV spokeswoman could not be reached for comment. Guess there is reality in television after all.
Then again, the French aren't known for welcoming ditzy Americans with open arms into their elite land of fashion fabulousness. Why doesn't she just try to get an internship in Milan with Cavalli instead?

Sources: here and here

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