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Jack White on the White Stripes

Jack White: 'I'm still a Stripe'

Star says Raconteurs are here to stay, but so are his other band

Jack White has hit out at claims that the White Stripes are over.

Despite recently telling NME.COM that a second Raconteurs album could be released before his other band record again, White has stressed that he and Meg White are still working together.

"I've heard assumptions that I'm bored with the White Stripes, or that it's not fulfilling me, which is very much not true," said White. "I find the White Stripes extremely fulfilling. It's extremely challenging. It's harder to be in the White Stripes than in this. I don't get to break for a second when the Stripes play live. But I do wish to dissuade people of the assumption that I've become bored with the White Stripes, And I would definitely admit if that was the case."

However, the Detroit musician added that he enjoys his new group , describing the band as a 'positive environment'.

"I've had a lot of changes in my life that affect everything," he told The Independent. "I'm a different person from what I was two years ago, which is about keeping out of negative environments getting into positive environments. This band is a positive environment. It's about positive musicians, not negative musicians. Not negative hipsters, who are demons who prowl the Earth and used-record stores."

Meanwhile, The Raconteurs release new single 'Hands' on July 31.

<a href="http://www.nme.com/news/white-stripes/23682>source</a>

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