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Henry Cavill Talks About His Geekiness and Superman, Looks Gorgeous in the Process

Henry Cavill: 'Warcraft almost cost me Man Of Steel role'

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'Man of Steel' actor Henry Cavill has revealed he almost missed out on the Superman role because he was playing 'World Of Warcraft'. Didn't expect that did you...

In an interview with GQ, the British actor discussed his love of video games, recalling how the casting call from director Zack Snyder interrupted a gaming session: "I saw it was [Snyder calling] but the thing is, you can't save 'World of Warcraft', you can't pause it. It's live."

As you can guess, Cavill eventual called the director back and took the part. After he'd finished playing of course.

The 'Man Of Steel' star also discussed that his motivations for starring as the ultimate Boy Scout might not be entirely honourable… he's in it for the money.

When it comes to this legendary superhero icon, I have to admit - it's hard not to think of him as a bit of a goody-two-shoes. But while Superman is often considered the defender of truth and justice, it looks like the actor portraying him doesn't exactly share his sense of public duty. Cavill admits that it's all about the money, revealing that he could do with the cash to fund his increasingly extravagant superstar lifestyle.

"Yeah! What, are you crazy? God, all those people who say, 'Oh no, the money doesn't matter.' Yeah, right. They're either mad, or they're lying. I mean, come on. 'Oh no, don't pay me anything, it's for the arts.' I'm sorry, no. Pay me the money. I'm not doing it for charity. I'm not a non-profit organisation. Plus it's expensive flying back and forward to L.A. You need a job that pays money."

While it might be a bit surprising to hear that Superman is in it for the cash, you have to admit - it's refreshingly honest. And it seems that the upcoming Clark Kent isn't afraid to work for his hard-earned dough. "I want to be one of those names that producers want to hire because you put bums on seats," he explains. And if 'Man of Steel' does as well as everyone hopes, he'll be one of those names in no time.

But if you thought it was an easy ride for the 29-year-old actor, think again. Forced to clamber into one of those trademark Lycra suits for his initial audition, it was an experience he'd rather forget.

"It was totally embarrassing," he explained. "I wasn't in training. I wasn't feeling fit or looking good, and you put on a Lycra suit and it does not help it. I just thought, OK, I'm not getting this job. I'm fat Superman. It'll be some really in-shape dude that when they step out they look amazing."

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But despite this humiliating experience, he was able to swing the role of Clark Kent… and his co-star Michael Shannon admits that there's no-one else who could possibly fill the role.

"He's perfect," he explains to E! Online. "He's flawless. He's everything you could possibly want. I saw the movie the other day for the first time, and I just love the original as much as anybody but I can't think of another actor in the business today that could come close to what he did. He was just sensational."

So will Henry Cavill prove to be worth his weight in gold? I guess we'll have to wait for the 'Man of Steel' to find out.

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