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NBA Playoffs : Sexy Edition : An ONTD Original

Hey you gguuiiiisseeee ! So I never realized how many sports fans were here on ONTD and a good chunk of us are Basketball fans ^__^

Well the playoffs are going on at the moment , some of our teams made it and some are well .... playing golf I guess.

But don't be sad guys , here is your chance to support your favs in this contest to determine the hottest men in the NBA.

This post will be similar to the sexy olympics
Here are the teams

How the process works

Post a pic of your fav player and make sure you add what team he plays for and for those who agree make sure you show approval by adding a +1 or something
the top 3 from each team will win an ONTD trophy or whatever I decide to give out

Special Categories

Sexiest Point Guard
Sexiest Shooting Guard
Sexiest Center
Sexiest Small Forward
Sexiest Power Forward
Sexiest Flopper
MVGQMF ( Most Valuable GQ Mother Fucker )
Best Bromance
Most Adorable Player

Best Gif

*If you wish to nominate a player for one of these categories make sure you mention it !!!*

So there you go ONTD , you have until May 3rd to submit your nominations ^__^
Let your thirst run free ONTD !!

Tags: ontd original, sports / athletes - basketball

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