Helen (lovepollution) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Nina Gordon is pregnant!

She wrote the following entry on her MySpace:

quick confessions from ninagordon.com

i am racing out the door to go and play an acoustic showcase thingy for industry types, and since i heard a rumor that my very best un-met friend, trent , from pink is the new blog might be there, i figure i better come clean before it becomes tomorrow morning's gossip.... no, i have not been hitting in-and-out burger a little too hard, i am....

gimme a K

gimme an N

gimme an O

gimme a C

gimme a K

gimme an E

gimme a D

gimme a HYPHEN

gimme a U

gimme a P


ok, you get the picture. little suri shiloh is due in november, a few days after my birthday.

hate to spill the beans and run, but i have a show to play....

love and xoxo nina

Anyone know if she's still with Stacy Jones? Or did that end forever ago and I'm simply out of the loop?

And since we're talking about Nina, her new album is finally out 8th August.

1. Bleeding Heart Graffiti
2. Christmas Lights
3. Kiss Me 'Til It Bleeds
4. Suffragette
5. This Was The Year
6. Don't Let Me Down
7. Pure
8. Watercolors
9. Superstar
10. Turn On Your Radio
11. When You Don't Want Me Anymore
12. Bones And A Name
13. The Time Comes
14. The Crickets Sound Like Sleigh Bells

sources: NinaGordon.com and Nina's MySpace

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