Goldie (ooh_heartache) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Dane Cooks mother passes.

"On July 3rd my mother passed away. She had been fighting cancer for some time.
My mothers name was Donna Cook. She had an amazing laugh. Loved to make other people laugh, although shy, and she so deeply enjoyed watching all of her children go on to make something of themselves. A kind, honest woman who could also be tough and determined. She was my champion.
Mom loved coming out to my shows. Starting out in Boston she would come out to the clubs or Chinese restaurants that had comedy nights and sit in the back eating and enjoying the show. Sometimes she would actually heckle me! One time she yelled out because I forgot what I was saying after being distracted. Trying to help she shouted out and a guy "shushed" her. I had to say to him please don't tell my mom to shut-up she can yell out whatever she wants.
But her favorite thing to do was watch all of you watch me. After shows she would give me play by play driving home on who laughed and how they laughed. She would act out how people would hit each other and wipe their eyes cause they were crying from laughing so hard. I was as entertained watching her recap for me as you were watching me do my act.
She so enjoyed when I would read fan mail to her. I would call her or sit with her and read wonderful letters from around the world. People discovering me and my passion for performing. I find myself reading fan emails out loud the last week so she can hear them too.
Her words of wisdom stay with me and always have over my career. She watched this past year with pride and wonder. Sometimes people ask me how the hell I've done so much and I think a part of me was wanting to show her everything I promised I would achieve. She saw it all. She watched my hbo VICIOUS CIRCLE footage and was proud. My promise to my mom 16 years ago was to someday do my very own HBO special because my family and I used to watch young comedians specials and stuff on there and just got a kick out of cracking up together and quoting our favorite comedians. She also got to see early footage of my first leading role in a film Employee of the Month and, again, was just so happy to see I was doing what I love.
My mother said the words that I read and remember everyday in my office. I was feeling down and unsure a few years back. She confidently said, "You embrace that which defines you, Dane." Like her and my dad raised me I lived the life of a comedian. I was true to my voice. I have never gotten bitter or resentful when I had nothing or no opportunities. I didn't let it go to my head when I got something or made a little money. Didn't lie or step on toes to get to where I desired and didn't steal one word or try to emulate another persons persona. I have been true to myself, my family and my fans.
But more than anyone I honored my mothers wishes. To never stop no matter what anyone said or did to me. Because the only thing that matters is living in the truth and doing what you love.
Okay so this post isn't funny but it is important. Do me a favor. Laugh today. Listen to a CD that gets you going and just fucking laugh for a few. It is how I'd like my fans to honor the person who deserves the most applause my mother Donna Cook.
I love you and miss you mom, but I know you told me after you were gone you'd have the best seat in the house."


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