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Sean Bean with Georgina Sutcliffe at the New York premiere of Dreamworks' The Island - 7/11/2005
Photo: Jim Spellman,

HE claimed she attacked him after breaking things
SHE told hotel staff not to report the fight to police

ACTOR Sean Bean and his young girlfriend had a booze-fuelled bust-up at a luxury hotel that left both of them bruised and bleeding.

Security staff discovered actress Georgina Sutcliffe, 28, outside the £300-a-night suite where she and Sharpe star Bean had fought.

Georgina, who is 19 years younger than the star, had bruises on her face and body and scratches on her legs while Bean had marks to his face and arms, which were bleeding.

But she told staff at the five-star Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles not to call the police.

A hotel insider said: "She kept saying she loved him and didn't want for this to appear in the newspapers. It was all very dramatic.

"Neighbouring guests complained because the screaming and crashing in the room was relentless."

Three-times divorced Bean, renowned for playing hard men on TV and in movies, has been dating Georgina since they met last summer.

They checked into the Four Seasons a week ago, while Sheffield-born dad-of-three Bean works on a remake of classic 80s thriller The Hitcher. The hotel's incident log detailed the fallout between Bean and Georgina, who has appeared in TV's The New Adventures of Robin Hood.

It said: "Ms Sutcliffe had numerous bruises on her upper body, face and scratches in her legs. Ms Sutcliffe said she did not want to press charges."

The hotel's security manager Ron Murphy quizzed Bean about the fight.

He immediately noticed he "had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath and numerous scratches to his face and arms, which were bleeding".

Bean claimed his girlfriend started breaking things. He said he asked her to leave and she attacked him.

He was stunned when he was told his face was bleeding and said: "You're kidding."

The pair were treated for their injuries at the hotel before Georgina left in a taxi.

Georgina last night refused to comment and Bean's publicist was "unavailable". The Four Seasons said: "I cannot confirm or deny this story."

Insiders close to Bean say he was not to blame in any way.


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