Season Finale Spoilers for Law and Order: SVU. My lawd...


As we know, Law and Order: SVU has been renewed for a 15th season (the show is still good post-Meloni, you guys!) and TVGuide just release some spoilers about the May 22nd season finale.

Can you share some details about the SVU finale? — Ben
As a matter of fact, I have some exclusive casting scoop! Pablo Schreiber (The Wire, A Gifted Man) will play a charming but vicious man suspected of rape — and possibly murder. (One of his alleged victims is an aging photographer played by Judith Ivey). Rollins becomes fixated on busting the guy, but when the detectives can't find a single shred of physical evidence and their eyewitness turns up dead, he may walk free. And trust us, that's very bad news for Detective Benson.

OP Note: This such a big deal because Warren Leight (new showrunner, responsible for making the show like Criminal Intent) has indicated  that Olivia will be in grave danger. Fans are speculating she will be raped. I can't deal.

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Found on Twitter, cannot tell what magazine this is from. Looks like TVGuide, could be US Weekly.


The source has more spoilers for your other favorite TV shows: Modern Family, OUAT, Elementary etc.