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Jay-Z and Kanye West Slammed For Use Of N-Word in 'N****s In Paris' By Public Enemy Star

Public Enemy star Chuck D has slammed hip hop giants Jay-Z and Kanye West for the use of the n-word in their track 'N****s In Paris.'

The 'Fight The Power' star spoke out against the pair for making the use of the word normal in contemporary culture on their 2011 track which features on their collaborative album 'Watch The Throne.'

Speaking after his set at the L'Oreal Festival in Lyon, France last night, the 52-year-old tweeted: "Standing ovation in Lyon France telling these folks we are African NOT N***s In Paris why I gotta travel PlanetEarth cleaning shit from USA? (sic)"

Discussing being called a 'n***a" by someone  at the show, the rapper explained that the use of the word in contemporary hip hop makes it seem okay.

Chuck D explained: "He didn't know. It's a language cultural thing where thv seen black men call themselves that like happy ass slaves for 20yrs. (sic)"

He then continued to explain his issue with the contemporary use of the word: "When you have mainstream RAP songs basking in it out of context. Sometimes you gotta call time out and demand some respect..
"This aint ever about me, but how about giving the thousands of artists a chance to get heard & bringTheNoise without degrading gimmicks?"

One of the star's followers then tweeted the star, agreeing with the previous statements to which Chuck responded: "Yes JayZ is a very very sharp smart dude. And gifted. Burt with great power comes great responsibility, it is necessary to lead forward (sic)."