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Lance and Jake in France

Lance and Jake are in France for the 2006 Tour de France at the moment and according to an interview Jake says they'll be hanging out in Armstrong's villa in Nice for a little while too.

There is a video at the following link. Go under Stage 15. Lance talks for a bit first (explains the concept of a joke when asked about the ESPYs and then we hear from Jake):

HANGING WITH LANCE: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest celebrity to team up with Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France.

He follows Robin Williams and Prince Albert of Monaco.

Gyllenhaal, star of Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, and Donnie Darko, joined up with Armstrong earlier this week at the behest of the seven-time Tour winner.

"We became friends just recently, a couple of months ago," Gyllenhaal told The Associated Press. "He's a pretty straightforward guy. He called me the other day and said like, 'You want to go riding?"'

Keeping up with Armstrong in the French Alps proved successful at first - until the Texan started pedalling faster.

"When we first started riding it was pure adrenalin that kept me going," Gyllenhaal said. "Then, up the hill, across the way, you could see him like a plane in the sky, he was moving so fast."

Gyllenhaal, who took up cycling seriously three months ago as training for a new film, is pretty happy so far with the coaching he's getting.

"I just learn from Lance every day, the tips I get," he said. "I have never pushed myself so hard as I do with him."

The pair also found time to share a mutual passion - drinking beer.

"That's been the primary training," Gyllenhall joked.

They plan to go to Armstrong's seaside villa in Nice, where Gyllenhaal says they will "hang out by the ocean."

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