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Brigitte Bardot 'Ashamed to Be French'

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PARIS - Brigitte Bardot, angered over what she called France's insensitivity to the plight of minks, has threatened to move to Sweden.

The French film star, who runs a foundation for animal rights, wrote a letter Wednesday to Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson calling his nation one of only a few countries "that takes into consideration animal well-being."

Bardot also contacted the French Finance Ministry to criticize France for attacking Sweden's proposal for new European Commission rules on conditions for raising minks in Sweden.

"The intervention of my government makes me ashamed, ashamed to be French," she wrote.

While Bardot admitted that her image and international renown have always been linked to France, she said: "To the contrary of (film legend Greta) Garbo, who left Sweden to finish her days in the United States, perhaps I will leave France to finish my days in Sweden, since today, I feel much closer to Swedish sensitivity than to the French insensitivity."

She also encouraged Sweden to push ahead with its proposal to improve conditions for the "millions of unfortunate minks raised for their fur."

Source: http://wwwj.comcast.net/movies/news/index.jsp?cat=MOVIES&fn=/2006/07/19/437635.html&cvqh=low_bardot
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