First Images of Matt Smith and David Tennant on Dr Who Set.


Now we normally shy away from sneaky set photos, mainly because they might show spoilers. But this benign image of Matt Smith and David Tennant (together. In Costume. IN FRONT OF TEN’S TARDIS!) has us flailing to the point of embarrassment So we just had to share it
Just stare at that for a minute. Go on. STARE. Isn’t it glorious?

It actually looks as though they are doing an interview – neither look in character (not to mention the Doctor probably wouldn’t be psyched about being interviewed in canon.) I can’t tell from this angle – is that Lizo Mzimba?

The TARDIS in the background is clearly 10′s. Not a question.

No sign of any companions or guest stars on set which is a sad. But may I direct your attention to the Zygon heading over to craft services?

finally tomorrow im starting season 7!!