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Kirk Norcross: I've slept with 1000 women, and have a big penis.

Celebrity Big Brother and The Only Way is Essex star pens a tell-all about his "celebrity hookups".

Kirk, 24, boasted: “If I had to guess how many girls I’ve slept with, I’d say 800 to a thousand. I’ve clocked up the numbers, it has never really stopped, apart from the odd serious relationship along the way."

Among his conquests are The Only Way Is Essex beauties Amy Childs and Lauren Pope, love cheat Natasha Giggs, porn star Gemma Massey, Playboy twin Kristina Shannon, and Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding

He said: “I loved sex because — and I’m not boasting — I was pretty advanced in the downstairs department. It was ridiculous but I loved it and I wanted everyone to know it.

I wanted to show as many girls as I could — and after sex when they complimented me on my size I would say, ‘You tell your mates about me. You tell ’em, love’. It gave me a massive confidence boost to know I had that advantage over other lads.”

Kirk first had sex in a park in East Tilbury, Essex, with a girl who had a reputation for sleeping around. He described the experience — on a discarded broken table in a littered area — as “grim”.

He added: “No romance, no foreplay but I was no longer a virgin. It wasn’t my best performance but it didn’t matter. I had had sex. And that was it — I walked back to my mates, strutting like a criminal who had just killed someone and was proud of it.”

After that, the star couldn’t stop. He said: “It was like the floodgates had opened. I became obsessed with sex and with women in general.

“I was sleeping with any girl I could, anywhere possible — in bushes, in elevators, in empty flats, in the bin sheds, anywhere and everywhere that you could have sex, I did.”

His first serious relationship came after he left school and started work as a promoter at dad Michael’s nightclub Sugar Hut, in Brentwood. It was there that Kirk met beauty therapist Amy Childs, now 22.

He said: “She already looked like a glamour model and that is the look I love. The more fake a girl looks, the more I find her attractive — boob job, pumped-up lips, hair extensions.”

But his relationship with Amy was stormy. Kirk said: “We’d kick off if we saw the other one getting close to someone else in the bar. There was a power struggle.

"One person would be fighting for the other, and more in love, then it would switch. So we were on and off. But there was a connection that kept pulling me back to her.”

They were both catapulted to fame when chosen for TOWIE — but Kirk said that while he was ready to be exclusive, she wasn’t.

He said: “Whenever I flirted with anyone at Sugar Hut and it was filmed for TOWIE, I was made out to be the bad person because no one knew Amy was seeing other people.

"Amy loved the fact the public thought she was this sweet girl who was messed around by me and were really getting on her side.

“It wasn’t fair because I knew what the public didn’t — that she wasn’t fully committed to me. But for the rest of the series we continued our same crazy on-off relationship.

“I couldn’t stay away but she wasn’t prepared to do what was needed to make it a proper relationship either.”

Amy was then pictured out with David Peters from TV dating gameshow Take Me Out and finally dumped Kirk.

He said: “I sat there and cried my heart out. I had thought it was going to work. I’m not exaggerating when I say that, at that moment, Amy broke my heart.”

The couple haven’t spoken since. In his book, Kirk says: “A part of me hates Amy for what she did. But I would still take her back because we were so good together.

“I really did think Amy was The One and that I would be married and have a kid with her by now. Even today I am still in love with her.”

During one of his breaks from Amy, Kirk started dating glamour model Lauren Pope, 30. He fell for her “supermodel” look but the passion quickly faded and the relationship was doomed.

Lauren asked him not to dump her on camera but TOWIE’s producers said it would not make sense to viewers if this happened off air.

Kirk said: “It was the worst scene I ever had to do on TOWIE. Sugar Hut happened to be full of extras, all listening in.

"If you watch it again you will see I am crying before Lauren even turned up because I was so gutted at what I was about to have to do.

"When she came, I couldn’t even get my words out. I could see that she knew what was happening and was so angry and hurt. I just about said, ‘I can’t do this no more’ — and she stormed out.

“I split up with her in public in the club and on TV. I never wanted to do that. By signing up for TOWIE I signed up to put my life out there. But looking back, I feel Lauren didn’t deserve that from someone who had said they loved her."

Lauren was filmed bursting into tears but, amazingly, she took Kirk back after he apologised — and they moved in together.

But having his-and-hers nose jobs ruined their romance. Kirk said: “There was a lot more pain after the ops than I had expected and we had to stay at home for two weeks while our noses recovered.

“That is when things started to go wrong. We were arguing non-stop and I started questioning whether we really were right for each other.”

When Kirk found out a pal was friends with Gemma Massey, 28, he was desperate to meet her because he had always wanted to bed a porn star.

He said: “I know that sounds bad but, come on, it must be every lad’s dream. So we met up, we got on and she ended up back at my flat. We had sex and, yes, it was amazing.

“We seemed to fit together physically on every level. The next morning we woke up next to each other and I was just lying in bed looking at her, thinking: ‘Wow, you are perfect’.

“She had long, dark hair, an amazing figure, really smooth, tanned skin and what I always like in a girl — great fake boobs and pouty lips.

“But I loved her personality, too. She had lots to say and was really down to earth and fun. We really clicked and had such a laugh. I fell in love with her then and there.” But Kirk couldn’t get over the fact other men were having sex with her.

He said: “I was developing feelings for her so stopped for a moment and thought. I said to myself, ‘I can’t do this, she is a porn star. Am I meant to date someone who spends her days having sex with other people? There’s no way I can cope with that!’ ”

Kirk was then horrible to Gemma, in order to make her dump him. He said: “It was really wrong of me to do that but I just couldn’t be the person to leave, as I had liked her so much.

“The way I behaved is something I feel bad about to this day.”

Last year, Kirk went on Celebrity Big Brother, along with 29-year-old Natasha Giggs — famous for having an eight-year affair with footballer Ryan, the brother of her husband, Rhodri.

After the series ended and Natasha had split with Rhodri, she and Kirk met at a hotel. He said: “She came to see me and catch up. And, well, things just happened that night.”

Then at the wrap party, although he was still with Gemma, he caught the eye of another contestant, Playboy beauty Kristina Shannon. He said: “Back at the hotel, Kristina came over and told me she really fancied me.

“Kristina got her phone out and started showing me naked pictures of herself, saying: ‘Come to my room and I’ll show you how much I fancy you’.

“I was thinking, ‘This is the last thing I was expecting but she’s a sexy girl and I’m hardly going to say no’. So, well, I didn’t, and I went back to her room.”

In the weeks that followed, Kirk continued seeing Natasha.

He said: “It wasn’t a one-night thing but it wasn’t a proper relationship either. Then again, if I say it was a fling, that makes it sound like it wasn’t important to me and it was.

Natasha is a really nice girl and, in a different situation, things might have worked out. But she was in the middle of trying to sort out her marriage problems and she needed some space for that.”

Kirk admits his womanising looks out of control. But he said: “I never cheat, I just don’t really have a gap in between. I don’t like being single. Not just because I love sex but because I love being in girls’ company.

“I feel empty without a girl. Not that I get with any girl for the sake of it — at least I didn’t once I was out of my teens. They all mean something to me.”

THERE are some rumours about his love life that Kirk is keen to put to bed.

He has been linked to Gavin & Stacey star Sheridan Smith and Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding – and accused of dating bodybuilder Jodie Marsh.

But he is keen to tell it all how it was.

He met Sheridan, 31, ex of Gavin & Stacey creator James Corden, in 2010 when she was in West End musical Legally Blonde.

In his book, he claims “things have happened over time, whenever we have both been single and up for meeting” – but now he feels as though she blanks him.

Kirk said: “That has done my nut in, she seems to act like she doesn’t really know me in public. She is a lovely girl, though, and someone who, in a different set-up, without fame getting in the way, I would have liked to have had a proper relationship with.”

He was thrilled when Sarah Harding, 31, agreed to a date. Kirk says: “I’ve always thought she was the fittest in Girls Aloud, and that she seemed sexy as hell but also down to earth and friendly.

“I went round and we watched a film, chilled and chatted and got to know each other. She was a really sweet, nice girl and just as down to earth as she seemed.

Then I went round a second time and we got on well again, but I realised it was too soon after Amy for another relationship, and she deserved only the best so in the end nothing happened.”

Kirk regrets agreeing to help Jodie Marsh, 34, promote her nutritional supplement range last summer shortly after splitting from Amy.

He said: “I agreed to tweet a picture of us kissing, to help her as a mate. Then we did a shoot to promote her range where we were pretty much naked, but it was so tacky I hated it.

“Afterwards, stories appeared saying I had dumped her because she wouldn’t have sex with me. I went off her after that and we are no longer friends.”

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