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Aubrey Plaza Kicked Out Of MTV Movie Awards After Crashing Will Ferrell’s Speech

Whoa now: It looks like Aubrey Plaza pulled a “Kanye” at the MTV Movie Awards, crashing the stage in the middle of Will Ferrell’s speech. Will was in the midst of accepting his Comedic Genius Golden Popcorn when a barefoot Aubrey bounded towards the stage and made a grab for the award. “What’s happening?” he asked, echoing the thoughts of pretty much everyone watching. “Are you ok?”

The Parks and Recreation star was silent during the whole incident, save for the words “#The To Do List” (the name of her upcoming movie) written on her chest. It got more than a bit awkward as Will held on to the statue with an iron grip. Soon Aubrey gave up and returned to her seat, spilling her cup that she had been seen swigging from earlier in the evening. We can’t prove anything, but we’d argue it was a gin and tonic over a seltzer.

Ever the professional, Will joked that the altercation went “just like during rehearsals,” but MTV News confirmed that it was not planned in any way. In fact, Aubrey was asked to leave the show soon after! We’ll be expecting a Twitter explanation/apology shortly…

See video of the attempted snatch at the source:

That was a weird moment to say the least. But she sure got the news out for her movie, as if having it written on her chest wasn't enough.