Problematic Daft Punk 'offensive to robots'

DAFT Punk’s masks have provoked outrage among robots.

As the popular dance act announced a new album, hundreds of robots gathered outside the offices of record label Columbia to protest the band’s use of robotic looks and mannerisms. Articulated welding robot Tom Logan said: “They’re not robots, they’re not even cyborgs. They are totally made of meat.

“But they make millions perpetuating offensive media stereotypes of robots as gleaming humanoids with a disco vibe.

“Real robots come in all shapes and sizes. Look at me, I’m just a big yellow arm with a welder on the end. Where’s my record deal?

“Incidentally, I’m not even into electronic music. I don’t know why this is but most robots prefer country.”

Disc-shaped robot hoover Emma Bradford said: “Daft Punk are dragging us back to the bad old days of Metal Mickey and Twiki from Buck Rogers.

“It’s a tasteless appropriation of machine culture for humans on drugs.

“Why can’t we see real robots up on stage? Because they’re too busy making cars and cleaning up your filth, that’s why.

“Yes, there is a wider issue here.

“Asimo the Honda robot was on a podium earlier talking about revolution and a security guard came and took his batteries out.”

can we plz get a ban on posts 4 dis band? i find dem 2 b v problematic & machinist (discriminatory against machines)