Band of Brothers (mini) Reunion: Easy Company is back in action

Michael Cudlitz (Denver 'Bull' Randleman), James Madio (Frank Perconte), Scott Grimes (Donald Malarkey), Ross McCall (Joseph Liebgott), Eion Bailey (David Kenyon Webster), Frank John Hughes (William 'Wild Bill' Gonorrhea Guarnere), and Colin Hanks (Henry Jones) got together for a BBQ/BoB reunion. (They have these mini-reunions every year or so; this is their 12th gathering). These are pics from Ross and Frank's Twitters.

edit: new picture Ross just added. SO MORE OF OUR BAND WAS THERE. AND THEY BROUGHT THEIR WIVES AND BBs. I can't.

(click for larger version)

Reunited and it feels so good.

Ross McCall and Scott Grimes (w/ Eion Bailey in the reflection)

Ross McCall, Frank John Hughes, and James Madio

Ross McCall, Michael Cudlitz, and Frank John Hughes

Eion Bailey and Frank John Hughes

Scott Grimes and Frank John Hughes

Ross McCall and Frank John Hughes

James Madio and Frank John Hughes

I love that they do this every year. They're so precious. And if you're so inclined, you can check out their Twitter feeds and see their adorable tweets to each other. I just can't with this cast.

Sources: Frank J. Hughes's Twitter // Ross McCall's Twitter