Lindsay Lohan gets her party fix as she hits Coachella


Lindsay Lohan isn't letting a little thing like rehab stop her from living it up. Fortunately she had her little brother Cody Lohan to help keep her on the straight and narrow as she descended upon the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California on Friday night. Lindsay's brother is only 16 but hopefully he has more sense than his will-o'-the-wisp sister who has a penchant for problematic situations.
The 26-year-old made no secret that before committing herself to three months in a rehabilitation centre she wanted to catch the live of bands playing all weekend long.Lindsay was seen strolling through the desert grounds with red-haired Cody who held her arm in a protective gesture. and looking grunge chic in tiny black shorts that were borderline bikini bottoms.Her bare legs weren't in the best shape either and there was a nasty bruise and an ugly red scar on her left thigh.