Star Trek Into Darkness Australia Gala Premiere Set For April 23rd


JJ Abrams and his Star Trek Into Darkness stars are getting ready to take their show on the road with a series of gala premieres around the world. It looks like once again Sydney Australia will have the honor of being first, with a premiere on April 23rd. They will then head to a number of other cities around the world. More details exclusive below.

Empire Australia have launched a contest giving away 25 pairs of tickets to the April 23rd premiere in Sydney. Details at

Star Trek Into Darkness will open to the public as soon as May 9th in many markets around the world (including Australia). But before the official release date comes the gala red carpet events and it appears the official world premiere will be in Sydney Australia – as it was with the 2009 Star Trek movie. The Australian Telegraph is reporting that director J.J. Abrams along with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban will attend a red carpet premiere for Star Trek Into Darkness in Sydney Australia on April 23rd. The event will be at the George Street Event Cinema.

TrekMovie has also confirmed that (like with the 2009 movie) there will be additional international gala events for Into Darkness. As for additional stops on the tour, so far we have learned of Moscow (April 25th), Berlin (April 29) and London (May 2nd). There may be additional cities and dates as well (and it is possible that there may be another city before Sydney but so far it seems likely Australia will be the first stop). TrekMovie sources indicate that the cast and crew attending each event will vary with the London premiere expected to have an especially large collection of Into Darkness stars.

As of Friday Paramount was still not officially confirming the schedule so it is possible that the list of cities and/or dates could change. We are expecting some kind of announcement in the following week with more details on international premieres and possibly US premiere as well, so stay tuned to TrekMovie.