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Walt Jr talks about Breaking Bad's Final Season etc


After captivating audiences for six years, the gritty drama Breaking Bad is only months away from airing its final season.

What started out as an interesting tale about Walter White, a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher-turned-meth cooker, has now become a dark and gritty drama about the lengths a man will go to to protect and provide for his family and all the things he loses along the way.

With only a few episodes left to complete this intense series, many fans may find themselves curious as to what will come in these final episodes. Luckily I was recently able to chat with RJ Mitte, who plays Walter's son Walt Jr., about what to expect from the final season and what his six years on this show has been like for him.
What process do you go through to get into the character of Walter Jr.?
I just show up now and I can kind of get into it. I have been doing this character for six years now, so it is kind of like an immediate reaction to go into it.

Was it hard when the show first started to get into character?
When I first started playing Walt Jr. it was difficult, [but] the crutches help, everything. When you have a prop that is with you it always helps you get back into character with it, because it is something you can hold onto with the character. When I first started, I had to go back and think about how everything I had to go through with my CP (Cerebral Palsy) and what I had to do, and that was definitely a big process when I first got into doing Walt Jr. Just over time it came natural, it is like anything you do it enough before you know it you do it without realizing it.

I love your character Walt Jr. It is a very good part.
I can't complain. Someone asked me if there are any other parts I would play and stuff like that, and I was like no, if I had a choice I would pick my part. I really like how my character turned out and where he is going.

He definitely provides a part to that show that is not chaotic or dangerous.
It is really nice though, because I am the only one that is somewhat normal in the whole [Breaking Bad] world (laughs).

It is very clear that Walter Jr. grows and changes a lot throughout the seasons, was there ever a moment of eureka for you that you really saw him transform?
Yeah, there have been several moments where I have been like, "I like this twist and how it is going," it is really cool to see how Vince [Gilligan] took this story and went with it. There are definitely major twists for Walt Jr., he went through a very drastic change and is still going through a major transformation.

I cannot wait to see the final episodes.
They are amazing, they did a phenomenal job.

What should audiences expect from these final episodes?
They can just expect that, from the first episode they will probably be like, "Oh my god." I know they will; I have no doubt in my mind that when the first episode releases people are just going to be flipping out of their minds. I am really excited, because Vince and the writers out did themselves; they did such an amazing job. It is an incredible ending.

Would you wish it could go on longer, or do you think it is a good stopping point for this story?
You know, there is still so much that could have happened. I think if it went on a little bit longer, I don't know what it would be like but I am sure it would still be amazing as there is always more to the story to be told. At the same time, I am kind of happy to see it ending, because it really is a phenomenal ending, it is very bittersweet. I am sad to see it go and I am sad to see the story end, but it really is outstanding. I have no idea how they got to the concept they did, but it really worked.

What should audiences expect to see for Walter Jr's future in the upcoming episodes and if the show were to continue what kind of path would he go down?
His path that he went down is a very interesting path and I really think that the transformation that he is making in this next season is definitely an interesting one. What really is going to happen to Walt Jr. this year is [that] he really is going to change and realize he can finally be an adult. He is really put in an interesting position this year and I'm really excited for people to see how he is going to react. I am excited to see what people think of it, because I did my best and I am excited to see what people are going to think of what I did for Walt Jr. I am excited for opening night, the ending of this story is so outstanding and I am 100 percent sure people are going to flip. Since the beginning all the arcs the characters have taken and how they all have changed so much is really incredible. Not just Bryan [Cranston]'s character changes, but every single character has changed [and] had this big transformation within themselves.

They all definitely have changed, if you go back to the first season it's like a whole group of different characters from what you see now, it is like going to a completely different world.
It really is and it just shows you how people change so much in such a short period of time. And it shows you that at the end of the day you never know who someone is until they show you their true self.

Speaking of true self does Walter Jr. find out about his father?
You know you will just have to wait and see. (Laughs)

There has been much speculation on how the series will conclude, without giving away too much detail what is the audience in for with the series finale?
It is going to be good. The way we end is going to be how show should end. It really is going to be an amazing ending and an amazing finale. It has been such a pleasure and it really is incredible that I was able to be a part of this show, it has been such an amazing honor and I am so excited to see how Bryan's character ends. It really is going to be an amazing ending its like, is he going to ride off in the desert? It's like what is going to happen? They blacked out the whole ending, I really have no idea.

Really, they blacked it out on your script?
They blacked out all of the ending.

So you guys are in the dark too.
Well, everyone except for the ones that are in the scene.

Wow, well speaking of Bryan Cranston what is it like working with him both on and off camera?
It is great, I love Bryan. He is a great guy and he really is a pleasure to work with. He is the greatest guy ever, he is a passionate and talented actor, and everything he brings to his characters is done very nicely.

He is incredible on the show and it is very interesting because he came from such a comedic background.
He has done so much, he has such a long history of acting and he has some amazing work.

Looking back on the series, was there a moment or memory on set or on screen that really stood out to you?
There are thousands of moments that I will have and do have that I had on the set. There is so much I have done on this show that has been so amazing and it's really an outstanding group of people and there are just so many moments. When I think about it, since the first day I started it has been a pleasure. I would not be the same person I am today without the people that are on this show. I can only imagine what I would be without it and it really is incredible to think about those things.

Yeah, I am sure six years is a long time. What was it like wrapping?
I am not done yet I have one more day. [RJ's last day of shooting has been completed since the interview.]

Since Breaking Bad is concluding, what other projects do you have coming up?
I have couple projects here and there, but I am just looking for a job now! I got to find that J.O.B.! (Laughs) I have been working on a car, so I have been busy with that. I just want to get back [in Los Angeles] and that is what I am doing right now I am just taking meetings and saying hello.

That's right you guys do not shoot in L.A., you guys shoot on location in Albuquerque right?
Yeah we shoot in New Mexico.

What is the energy like on the set?
It is great! It really has been a pleasure shooting in New Mexico and it's really cool, because it adds another character to the show that people do not recognize. New Mexico is a character in itself. Really, we are very lucky to shoot there, it has amazing scenery and everyone that we worked with on the crew it has been a pleasure. I have amazing friends from it.

Is there anything you want to add about the new season?
Yeah, it really has been a pleasure filming it [the last season] and it is really going to make an amazing ending. I think it is going to bring a tear to people's eyes.

Oh no, that's scary.
That could be a lot of things. There are good tears and there are bad tears. (Laughs)

The second part of the 5th and final season premieres July 14, 2013 on AMC.

SO excited, you guys!
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