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Best telenovela villains.

Wanting it or not a lot of us grew up watching, or seeing someone watch a telenovela and villains are the best part of them. Many times we don't remember the story or who played the good girl but we always remember the bamf that made her suffer, here are some of the most notable with their long names, the craziest and over the top scenes.

Soraya Montenegro de La Vega Montalbán by Itatí Cantoral in María la del Barrio

Basically she was in love with Luis Fernando and his family money and he obviously falls in love with the good and poor new girl that comes to live at his house so her obsession in life is to destry them. With mommy issues, she is over the top, loud, and ridiculous; she even returns from the death.
Trademark: crazy yelling I guess, like: Marginal!, ¿qué haces besando a la lisiada?, tú no eres mi madre.

Catalina Creel de Larios by María Rubio in Cuna de Lobos

A woman desired to keep her family wealth and her devotion to her son made her commit a series of crimes including abduction and murder; she's badass. This telenovela is considered on of the best ever made, it was so successful in the country that Mexico City streets were deserted when they showed the finale.
Trademark: eye-patch.

Olimpia Mercouri by Hilda Abrahamz in Mi gorda Bella

This woman wants the Villanueva (her husband' family) money and will not stop until she gets it. With a lover and a trusted employee, she will take out every obstacle in her way to get it.
Trademark: her sexuality to get men to do her bidding.

The only comment on youtube for this video is killing me
Imagen 1

María Paula Rivas Iturbe by Lucero in Lazos de Amor

maria paula
This one's just crazy, she was abusive and manipulative of her family: her grandmother (who took care of her after her parents death, her uncle (she's obsessed with him, in a creepy way), and her only sister (we learned later that the other one is alive and shit happens).
Her trademark: Tracing her pinky finger across her rised eyebrow.

Tamara de la Colina by Cynthia Klitbo in El Privilegio de Amar

She was obsessed over some guy (aren't they all?), then she lost a baby and gets very crazy. The actress has played almost always the villain in novelas and three of them are ones of the most remembered from Cadenas de Amargura and La Dueña.
Trademark: idk but that shaving scene was O_O

Rubí Pérez Ochoa de Ferrer by Barbara Mori in Rubí

Rubí is gorgeous but poor and her goal in life is to be rich, werk thb. She's jealous of her best friend's luck in life. She steals her bff's boyfriend and marries him but she's n love with some guy and then realizes that money isn't everything, so she suffers and cries a lot and makes everyone's life a mess, people die and that's it.
Trademark: she was a bitch, so that. jk beauty ¯\_()_/¯

Federico Cantú Sánchez-Zúñiga by Alejandro Camacho in Muchachitas

This guy is cousin of one of the four girls that star this telenovela, obviously he wants to take over her uncle's company and he'll do anything to make that happen. His death was crazy, anyone remembers?
Trademark: his toy cars.

Ágata Mercenario by Lupita Ferrer in Pecados Ajenos
She doesn't want people near her family and after her son gets together with some girl she plans to make her suffer, separate her from her children and take away her money, just everyday stuff.
Trademark: don't really know her but I've seen videos of her slapping and choking people and well, take a look.

Paola Bracho/Paulina by Gabriela Spanic in La Usurpadora

So Paola was married to a guy with two kids, she has affairs with a lot of guys and loves money and she finds a woman that looks exactly like her to replace her at home. She comes back and is a bitch to everyjuan. What else? It's been a while.

this trailer is giving me live, I want to watch this again.

List by me
sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

I know I missed a lot, so who are your faves?
Crazy Soraya tyfyt :)
Sorry for leaving out Paola Bracho
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