Best telenovela villains.

Wanting it or not a lot of us grew up watching, or seeing someone watch a telenovela and villains are the best part of them. Many times we don't remember the story or who played the good girl but we always remember the bamf that made her suffer, here are some of the most notable with their long names, the craziest and over the top scenes.

Soraya Montenegro de La Vega Montalbán by Itatí Cantoral in María la del Barrio

Basically she was in love with Luis Fernando and his family money and he obviously falls in love with the good and poor new girl that comes to live at his house so her obsession in life is to destry them. With mommy issues, she is over the top, loud, and ridiculous; she even returns from the death.
Trademark: crazy yelling I guess, like: Marginal!, ¿qué haces besando a la lisiada?, tú no eres mi madre.

La maldita lisiada invited you in..Collapse )

List by me
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I know I missed a lot, so who are your faves?
Crazy Soraya tyfyt :)
Sorry for leaving out Paola Bracho