Shakira ain't taking no shit

Shakira has FINALLY broken her silence about the $100 million lawsuit that her ex Antonio de la Rúa filed against her late last year. Her lawyers have responded in New York City courts, revealing that she felt sorry for her ex and has filed a countersuit in the Bahamas, where the couple lived together--and in it she calls him everything short of thief.

Ay, Antonio ... That's why it's better not to stir things up! You're young and healthy--don't you think it's better to try to maintain your new girlfriend and daughter with the fruits of your own labor, not Shakira's?

Poor Shaki's already been with Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué, they have little Milan together, and her ex is STILL bothering her? This is getting more complicated than a divorce, honestly.
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Univision got exclusive access to the court papers which revealed that, according to Shakira, the problem started when she sent an e-mail to De la Rúa, in which she asked him to admit that they were separated, since a photo could cause them both a lot of damage. He accepted this, but asked Shakira only to say that they had broken things off a few months before, not more than two years before, which was actually the truth.

Shakira accepted this and they published a joint press release that stated that although they were no longer together, De la Rúa was still overseeing everything related to her "artistic life and career." BAD MISTAKE! She now says that De la Rúa was never her business partner or her manager, and she admitted that if she let him handle anything it was because he was unemployed and she felt sorry for him. Sigh ... For that generous gesture, look what happens. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

The Argentinean businessman (if he's even that at this point), whose most notable quality was being the son of Argetina's ex-president, Fernando de la Rúa, affirms that Shakira made a fortune all thanks to him, to his wise business decisions, and that, for example, he had to make her record the hit "Será Será (Las caderas no mienten)" --the Spanish version of "Hips Don't Lie"--for her album Fijación Oral Vol. 2 in 2005, and that if he hadn't, that album would have been a failure.

In response to De la Rúa's lawsuit, Shakira filed her own in the Bahamas, accusing her ex of having taken $3 million dollars without her authorization, and for having wasted another $500,000 on a corporate credit card that belonged to Shakira's company. Um, that's embezzlement, no?

But supposing that De la Rúa did have something to do with Shaki's success, I think that those $3.5 million he allegedly took are a good and fair payment for his efforts--and I'm sure she wouldn't have had to counter-sue him had he not started with the ridiculous demands. And then they say that it's women who want to take advantage of rich men. He's a lawyer--are you honestly going to tell me that he doesn't know you have to put everything down on paper? Honestly, this guy and Paulina Rubio's ex Colate have demonstrated that it's not a woman thing, it's a lack of dignity and greedy thing.

you can read Shakira's cout papers here and Antonio's here
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how dare he try and take on this Queen